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Perlux White Laundry Capsules 24 pc

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Perlux White Laundry Capsules Are super concentrated blend of washing pearls, laundry powder and laundry gel. This new Hybrid Technology in our laundry capsules combines the best features of washing powders and washing gels. The innovative advanced technology ensures effective cleaning and stain removal when washing your whites, whilst preventing them from turning grey. 

Perlux white laundry capsules leaves your whites clean and with a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. 

The innovative hybrid technology system used in Perlux white laundry capsules provides the following: 

  • Deep Cleaning and stain removal when washing your whites.
  • Added protection of fabrics colours 
  • Water softening allowing the surfactants to wash your whites better and protect your washing machine from calcium build up. 
  • Added anti-static properties to stop static build up in your clothing.