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What is Microfiber?

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Microfiber is a fabric made from polyester and nylon strands which are incredibly thin. Through mechanical action the fibers are split ( as shown below) making them ideal for trapping dirt and residue one of the best cleaning products on the market.

Thanks to this unique structure, your microfiber cleaning products, such as microfiber cloths and mops absorbs more dirt and bacteria than traditional fabrics. This is due to its yarn capillarity and as a result it covers a wider cleaning area. It cleans much quicker and with the minimum of effort, especially when compared to traditional cleaning product fabrics. 
what is microfiber
Microfiber traps and absorbs even the finest particle of dirt leaving a clean surface, without smearing and scratches unlike conventional cleaning products. 

It guarantees excellent cleaning results thanks to its very thin fibers which can penetrate all micro pores on all surfaces, and removes up to 99,98% of bacteria and fungi truly amazing results for any cleaning product.

How do you clean your microfiber cloth?

For best results it is recommended to machine wash at 90c But before putting your cloths in the washing machine rinse thoroughly with cold water, this will remove all excess detergent. If you was using chlorinated products pay particular attention to removing all traces. It does not matter whether you use bio or non bio washing powder, but bio washing powder gives better results. Never use Bleach or Fabric Softeners tin your wash these destroy your Microfiber Cloth. 
Machine washing ensures all dirt, dust and small microbes that spread bacteria are removed. Machine washing also means there is a vigorous agitation of the cloth or mop to remove any deep down soiling. 

Hand washing

Is often used for cleaning microfiber cloths but I would not recommend this method as it doesn't clean your microfiber cloths properly.  If you really have no alternative than to clean by hand then soak in hot water. When the hot water has cooled down use your hands to help agitate the towel and release the dirt and grime. Then finally rinse well and allow to air-dry.

Are Microfiber Cloths Eco Friendly?

Well this is a tough one Microfiber is made from polyester and polyamide fabric strands that are 100 times finer than human hair. This is what makes them so good at lifting dirt, grease and dust without the need for aggressive cleaning chemicals. This can be a strong argument for green credentials. 
The only downside is they are made from a nonrenewable resource and do not biodegrade. There is an ongoing debate as to which is a greater evil. Bamboo is now been used in the manufacturing process to try and overcome the problem. Then there is the argument that those made from polypropylene are recyclable. I will leave it for you to decide but it really is a good debate. 

Are Microfiber Cloths static free?

Only Microfiber cloths with static dissipative fibers woven into the towel.

Will Microfiber Cloths Kill Germs?

Yes! Even though Microfiber cloths are not a disinfectant, they are extremely effective at removing germs and bacteria from your home or business. You will need water and a good quality Microfiber Cloth to clean and disinfect effectively. No aggressive ready to use or chemical cleaning solutions are necessary. The unique weave of the fabric is what makes microfiber cloths so effective at cleaning and disinfecting. 

Are Microfiber Cloths Absorbent?

Microfiber Cloths differ from traditional cleaning cloths by the fact that they have a much larger volume of surface per sq meter. This enables them to be significantly more absorbent than similar cleaning cloths. I would recommend buying the heaviest cloth you can buy i.e. 300gsm as opposed to 200gsm. 

What does GSM mean when buying Microfiber?

The abbreviation GSM stands for grams per square meter (g/m2). It is a measurement of density expressed as GSM. It does not mean a cloth of 40cm x 40cm with a measurement of 500gsm will have a weight of 500gms. But if you had a Microfiber cloth with a measurement of 1 meter square that would weigh 500gms. So with this in mind remember when comparing prices compare size as well. So the higher the GSM the more material your Microfiber has. This generally means the fabric is thicker and as there is more of it you have better absorption and cleaning power. 


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