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How to remove Odours in the Washroom?

Thursday 10th May 2018

How to remove Odours in the Washroom?

The Problem (Odours)

If your washroom is still producing bad odours it may not be down to poor cleaning, it is more likely due to a lack of knowledge. Cleaners provide a valuable service to any business, but in many cases these services are viewed as “assigned work” that does not take a lot of knowledge. But we couldn’t be any further from the truth if we tried.

Good training will set apart the cleaning professional from the amateur this can only be done by knowing how and more importantly where to clean.

By knowing where to clean you will not only accomplish your goal, you will set yourself apart from other cleaning contractors. If you don’t know what, where or how to identify the problem, how can you be expected to fix it?

The Hidden Problem (Where To Clean)

There have been numerous times that I have entered the washroom of a business and been overwhelmed by bad odours. On initial inspection everything seems to be in order though. The toilets are serviced regularly, air fresheners, soap dispensers are stocked and working the counters, fixtures and floors have been wiped down or mopped. So visibly it is clean, but there is still that stench! Of urine. Even though someone is being paid to clean, their hard work is not apparent. You have to ask, “Where to clean?” but as we cannot any immediate problem.

Sourcing The Hidden Problem

Foul smelling washrooms negate all the hard work that is put into cleaning instantly. While most business’s attempt to cover up washroom odours with air fresheners and fragranced cleaning products, the odours will keep coming back. This is because in many cases staff cleaning the washroom have no idea of where the problem is coming from, so the smell becomes acceptable as something they can do nothing about.

Wrong a different approach is needed when trying to solve this age old problem of washroom cleaning we have to show what is being missed. The only way to do this is by using a UV Light as an inspection tool it will show the areas that are commonly missed and the results really are amazing! When you turn off the lights in the washroom and turn on the UV Light, it shows all the problem areas such as heavy urine build up on the floor, walls, grouting and surrounding area of Urinals and cubicles. This build up has happened over time not days or weeks. When inspecting with a UV Light all problem areas are clearly visible even the most recently cleaned areas, will show where your problems lie. The UV Light helps identify the most likely source  of washroom odours so now we have identified problem areas we need to act, but how?

Keeping Standards Up

Deep cleaning the area with Power Gel or an enzyme based product before incorporating them into our daily cleaning routine is the only answer. Once the problem has been identified and eliminated through deep cleaning, it is important to “keep standards up” on a daily basis. This can be achieved through the use of Lorinet, thanks to the organic acids it will break up all manner of uric acid, body fats, grease and grime. Now we have fixed the problem it will enhance our business reputation and our washroom won’t have any hidden cleaning problems. 

 by Tony Field 
October 2016 

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