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How to Maintain and Polish a Linoleum Floor?

Thursday 10th May 2018

How to Maintain and Polish a Linoleum Floor?

1. Use a Dust Control Mat: A Dust Control Mat helps to protect your Linoleum Floor from residual dirt and chemicals, ground in dirt means more wear, tear and scratching to the surface of your Floor.  Ground in Dirt acts like sandpaper, damaging the finish of your floor. Even though you can’t see them, chemicals from asphalt etc. can stick fast to your shoes and then to the floor, causing stains and burns.

2. Keep your floors clean. The key to keeping any floor in good condition is to keep it clean, and Linoleum is no exception. Get the dirt off before it gets ground in, and your Linoleum will last longer. Dust frequently using a Dust Mop or Microfiber Mop this gentle cleaning action stops build up of dust particles which damage all floors.

3. Use Low-Impact Cleaning Detergents: Resist the temptation to use aggressive or heavy-duty cleaning chemicals, instead, clean your vinyl floor using the Mild or Neutral Cleaners. Ensuring that you use warm water not hot water, overly hot water will damage your floor. Always follow Manufacturers instructions as overuse of detergent leaves residues making your floor slippery and creating unnecessary work having to rinse down again.

 4. Clean Spillages Immediately: It is important that when you get a spillage it is mopped up and cleaned straight away, despite the fact somebody may slip and injure themselves chemical residues can damage your floor. The longer a substance is left the more difficult it becomes to remove and the more likely it is to stain your Floor or you will need to use a Stain Remover only adding unnecessary expense.

5. Don’t Drench your Linoleum: Water from an overly wet mop will work its way into the cracks, seams and edges once there it can destroy the glue bond that holds down the Linoleum causing it to lift, loosen or corners to curl.

6. Preserve the Shine: As time goes by your Linoleum floor may lose its shine to restore it use a Floor Polish or Sealant made specifically for Linoleum Floors. Make sure the floor is thoroughly clean and apply three thin coats as directed. It should keep your floor shining for at least a year requiring only routine damp mopping. 

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