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Garden Pressure Sprayers

When looking at Garden Pressure  Sprayers, here at Wipeout we`ve got a wide range of sprayers.

  • garden pressure sprayerHand Held Manual Garden Pressure Sprayers are compact and lightweight; the heaviest are no more than 3kg when full. They come with mist action, directional spray, dual action spray and a locking trigger to reduce user fatigue. 
  • Knapsack Garden Pressure Sprayers will have all the features of the hand sprayers but have a much bigger capacity and are easily transported around. Once fitted for your comfort using the adjustable straps you have the benefit of free hands when needed.
  • Cart Pressure Sprayer. These type of sprayers are available from 12ltr to 20ltr. It is possible to purchase 120ltr cart sprayers but you are getting into trailer mounted towable systems. 
Understand the importance of which chemical will be used, acidic or alkaline is essential. A vital bit of information because the seals need to be compatible with whatever chemical you are using.
We’ve got it all! Check out our great range of Pressure Sprayers below. Next day delivery guaranteed nationwide.