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Floorwash - Handy Tips

Thursday 10th May 2018


On what floor you can use Floorwash?
All the floors are cleaned. Pottery, stoneware, clinker, terracotta, mosaic, rubber, resin, marble, linoleum, raw concrete, gneiss, gneiss, stone, carpets, rugs, mats, runners.

I have an outer surface and porous, can I use Floorwash?
Sure that the bristles of the brushes 2 working in the opposite direction from each other with a speed of 800 revolutions per minute can detach the dirt in the pores and cracks and recovering tank immediately.

Can I use Floorwash for carpets and rugs?
Due to the special brushes softer for fine rugs, vegetable fiber, synthetic fiber and long-haired floorwash is perfect for washing carpets and rugs: respects the delicacy of the fabric, the brushes work in two ways reviving the color, recovers dust, dirt and pet hair nested deep, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness unsurpassed. It is not necessary to move the carpet: with the water recovery, floorwash leave clean and dry in minutes, without the need to take him out to dry or drip!

You can switch the wax on the floors?
Sure! The Floorwash is ideal to remove old wax from your floors. Floorwash removes and recovers completely the old wax: for best results, you can use the special cleaner wax remover.

Can I use Floorwash in a work environment very dirty?
Obviously you. The quality of the cleaning system Floorwash is specific on different surfaces but with an absolute right, that the removal of dirt through a mechanical action. And 'particularly suitable model for M30 offices, garages, retail space, warehouses or industrial areas.

What kind of dirt can be removed with Floorwash?
Compared to traditional suction machines the innovative mechanical Floorwash collection system allows the collection of small solid parts (hair, butts, leaves, paper) without the risk of clogging the filter. For this reason, the performance of aspiration are exploitable always 100% of the potential.


For any maintenance ALWAYS disconnect the plug. Do not turn off the machine NEVER pulling the power cord and do not put NEVER operate the machine when the cable is damaged or the outer casing shows visible damage. BE SURE to store the machine properly after use, so make sure the blades are not touching the floor. NEVER storing the camera in humid or not sheltered from the weather. AVOID using detergents foamy, acidic, basic or diluents generally. Before operating the machine firmly attach the power cord into the joint located above the reservoir (fig 17 user manual), so that it runs under the brushes during cleaning: the damage can be severe. ABSOLUTELY not wash the machine after use with water or steam jet.
END USE: Remove and empty the waste bath water, then carefully wash it under running water and dry it before storing it in the machine. Unhook the cover and wash it gently with running water, making sure to dry it before you hang up the machine. Download or empty the tank from any remaining water or detergent. After disconnecting the plug clean with a damp cloth and wipe the camera body later. 

WHAT IF .....

The machine does not work?
Check that the plug is inserted correctly. Check that the power cord is fully intact. Be sure to press the kick-starter before slowly lowering the handle.
The tank washing water loses? Check that the water valve of the cable is fully screwed to the tank. Check that the drive cable anchored to the lever of the liquid distribution (Fig 10 user manual) is not too taut. 

The machine does not distribute well the wash water?
Make sure the holes distribution liquid placed under the cover are not clogged, if not lift the lid and gently clean the holes distribution using a mild acid and warm water. Check that the tube is crimped or broken. 

The machine does not collect water?
Check that the waste is properly inserted and that the cover is completely closed and attached to the body. Check that the wash water drops on a regular basis when you pull the lever. Check that the blade steel inserted in the tank is not too worn. Check that the brushes are not too worn.

The machine leaves streaks of dirt side on the floor?
Bring out the liquid too long taking pulled the lever of distribution, in this regard, please note that the lever must be pulled into the stage of advancement, and left during the return (excluding carpet cleaning).

The machine "jumps"? 
Check that the brushes are not too worn, dirty or dry. Check that the bristles of the brushes are not bent, this problem occurs in the case of prolonged stop of the machine without having brought the handle upright. If after making these checks do not get positive results, immediately contact FCM Srl that will be at your disposal with skilled technicians and the full range of original pieces as manufacturer. In case of tampering with the machine or attempt to repair it by unauthorized technicians, FCM Srl will be forced to apply the warranty if not yet in force. 

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