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How to maintain a floor

Thursday 10th May 2018

How to maintain a floor?

When maintaining a floor it is necessary to use either clean pads or clean mops with fresh water in a bucket. Use protective equipment such as glovesgoggles and wet floor signs.

1. Any one of following maintainers can be used depending on what is the most important task required:

  •  WiWa: Exceptional high Gloss finish
  • Combipur: Best all round results for cleaning and buffing
  • Alkosoft: Exceptionally quick drying for high traffic areas 
  • Autodur: Low foaming for use in automatic cleaning machines.
  • Alkoclean:The quickest drying buffable floor maintainer in the range.

2. Always change dirty water with clean water to regularly for best finish.

3. All the maintainers are highly concentrated for cleaning and buffing.

4. I would recommend after maintaining with any of our maintainers to buff the floor with one of our machines.

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