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Microfiber Cleaning Products

Well talk about great innovations microfiber has to be it they have taken the cleaning world by storm since the Swedes developed the first commercially viable microfiber in the 1990`s though some would argue the Japanese invented it in the70`s. The latest Microfiber Cleaning cloths really do make life easier, they are more hygienic reduce the need for detergents and clean faster.
No magic to microfiber just science. So I hear you ask how does microfiber work? Basically Microfiber has many fibres so many they are invisible to the naked eye, this means no dirt or water gets left behind giving you a streak free finish. Microfiber works with just water, so how is the dirt removed I here you ask? Well it relies on millions more fibres that just sweep the dirt away. Microfiber attach themselves to each speck of dirt and with the many fibres enough force is applied to dislodge the dirt (loosened by a small amount of water) and lift it away, leaving the surface spotless and dirt-free. This is modern Physics dirt stays locked in the microfiber until you wash it in hot water, allowing fibres to uncurl releasing their dirty content.