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  • The German Society for Bathing

    The German Society for Bathing

    The “Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen” “German Society for Bathing” was founded in 1897 by the heads and directors of public bathrooms. Through the years the name of the society was changes so many times from the first “Association of German Bathin

  • DVG - German Veterinary Medical Society

    DVG - German Veterinary Medical Society

    The “Deutsche Veterinärmedizinische Gesellschaft” (German Veterinary Medical Society – DVG e.V.) is the scientific society of veterinary medicine....

  • VAH List of Disinfectants

    VAH List of Disinfectants

    The VAH List of Disinfectants - Der Verbund für Angewandte Hygiene e.V - (German Association for Applied Hygiene) is an approved reference for effective product for prophylactic disinfection....

  • Ecolabels


    EU Ecolabel has a strong position in most of the European countries and other ecolabelling schemes are triggered to take a position concerning the overlap with EU Ecolabel, for example Nordic Ecolabel that in the Nordic countries is more popular than EU E

  • Wipeout brings

    Wipeout brings "Plastic Second Life" to Ireland

    Wipeout Ltd is proud to introduce its range of "Plastic Second Life" eco-friendly products to the Irish Market