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What we should we consider when buying refuse sacks?

First there are two grades of polythene used in manufacturing standard refuse sacks the two categories being HDPE (High Density Polythene) and LDPE (Low Density Polythene) both made from recycled material. So what does this mean, well basically HDPE is more transparent, chemically inert and resistant to ultra violet compared to LDPE. Although HDPE bags are stronger, harder and more rigid LDPE bags are much more flexible and stretch easier.

Once decided on the material you need to consider what thickness refuse bag to buy the measurement can be in microns or gauge. If a bag is 40 Microns this is 160 gauges basically the gauge works out at 4 times the micron. An exceptionally heavy industrial refuse bag being 75 micron or 300 gauge. Household bags tend to be 25 micron 100 gauge. 

There is other considerations like colour if you have a waste management programme in operation see our Blog "Recyling Do You Care"

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