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Save money on cleaning supplies!

Thursday 10th May 2018

Are you really saving money???

The Problem 

When doing onsite surveys to business premises, whether large or small, we often see customers using product off supermarket shelves or local discount stores. This is often a false economy as these ready to use solutions are expensive see illustration below.


Whilst people think they're saving money, they're not.

The Real Cost

To give you a real understanding of the cost involved.
We picked three ready to use branded products from various retail outlets websites on 18th July 2017.

  • Flash with Bleach 500ml: €2.00 from Tesco  
  • Mr. Muscle bathroom Cleaner 5in1 750ml: €2.49 from Mr.Price 
  • Dettol Anti- Bacterial Surface Santiser 750ml: €2.09 from Super Valu 
Our alternatives are listed below along with giving you the relevant product and price comparison:

  • Alkoclean 1ltr (Flash): €0.20 cents per 750ml using manufacturer’s dilution rates.  
  • Lorinet 5ltr (Mr Muscle): €0.255 cents per 750ml using manufacturer’s dilution rates.
  • Klenzite 5ltr (Dettol): €0.16 per 750ml using manufacturer’s dilution rates.
So do the maths 50 of the cheapest product Flash at €2.00 will cost you €100 our equivalent Alkoclean will cost just €10.00 a 90% saving what’s to think about. 

To Explain

Klenzite, Allkoclean and Lorinet products are all super concentrates. These three products have been colour coded to comply with hygiene legislation to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 

  • Klenzite: Is a powerful highly alkaline, biocidal, degreaser, sanitiser for cleaning in the food industry. Its unique formulation gives a biocidal action whilst being able to remove heavy organic soiling is a problem. Klenzite can be used to clean concrete, terrazzo, tiles, stainless steel and many more hard surfaces in supermarkets, abattoirs, breweries, bakeries, dairies and food related industries. Caution it is not recommended for cleaning aluminium. 

  • Alkoclean: Is a universal cleaner that is alcohol based, low foaming neutral detergent. It can be used for cleaning and care of all hard surfaces including varnished and enamelled surfaces, and leaves a streak-free finish, and pleasant odour.  

  • Lorinet: Is a perfumed sanitary and bathroom cleaner that is slightly acidic making it great to use in shower areas for the break down of body fats and oil, it can also be used for cleaning tiles and grouting leaving a clean streak free finish. 

Let us give you a helping hand. 

If you're in the food or catering trade you will be only too familiar with HACCP's legal implications and the lengthy paperwork it can involve.  

All our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available online for downloading.

Our products not only are independently tested, they are certified to the relevant industry standards. Giving our professionals users the ultimate peace of mind.

HACCP requires your personnel to be trained in the correct use and storage of cleaning products. Wipeout offers free training and certification in how to use our chemicals and cleaning products.

Our professional cleaning products are recognised by Health Officers as being fit for purpose and can used in a HACCP approved cleaning plan!  Unlike domestic shop purchased cleaning products that are uncertified or containing fragrances and totally unsuitable for food preparation surfaces.

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