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Best Way to Clean Windows like a Professional

Thursday 10th May 2018

Before we start lets look at the most common methods of window cleaning. There is 3 basic ways to clean windows all with benefits and negatives so below is a quick overview. 

  1. DIY Method: Using paper and vinegar is by far the cheapest option but whilst it will leave your windows streak free and is the cheapest it is slow. 
  2. Trad Method: Meaning traditional is the fastest and best way to clean windows with streak-free results and just a little more expensive than DIY although this could be argued when we look how quick it is to clean windows. Did you know Terry Burrows cleaned 3 standard size windows in under 10 seconds. A Guinness World Record. Checkout the video.

  3. WFP Method: The Water Fed Pole method is for professionals only, water has to be treated, training is required and its very expensive. So unless you are a professional Window Cleaner leave this one alone.   
We are going to concentrate here on what i believe is best way to wash windows, the Trad Method. So if you want to become an expert at Trad window cleaning just follow these 7 simple steps to crystal clear windows. But before you start you will need some proper window cleaning equipment

I would always recommend the use of high-quality professional window cleaning equipment. To get started there are two key tools you will need the first being a window washer sometimes refereed to as a window applicator. They come in sizes from 25cm up to 55cm. They are basically a T–Bar with a detachable lambswool or microfiber sleeve that is machine washable. The second tool being a window squeegee, these also come in a range of sizes from 25cm up to 55cm and consist of a handle, blade and rubber. The benefit of buying these professional products is that all parts are replaceable. 

Once you have these two pieces of window cleaning equipment you can then look at buying a window cleaners bucket, hand held window scrapers, scrim, neutral detergent and possible telescopic poles. We would also recommend having replacement squeegee blade. It is important to have this sharp and fitted with a new rubber blade. Most professionally window cleaners we know change their squeegee blades as often as once a day. Mainly because you just cannot do a good job if the blade becomes nicked, sliced or rounded with over use. When your squeegee leaves streaks or just isn't performing like new, don't hesitate to replace the rubber squeegee.

Mastering how to use a Window Squeegee 

Window cleaners, clean windows using the S technique or Fanning as some window cleaners refer to it. There are plenty of training videos available on this subject.  

  1. So to get started we are going to mix up a cleaning solution of water and neutral detergent (Alkoclean). Then dip your window washer (Applicator) into the bucket and squeeze excess water from the washer.
  2. Wash the window using your window washer ensuring you cover the entire area to be cleaned and don’t allow the cleaning solution to dry whilst paying attention not to over apply to the window frames as this will cause streaking.
  3. Now using your Window Squeegee place the blade against the glass in the upper corner and pull it steadily across the window. Concentrate on keeping the top of the squeegee in contact with the top edge of the window this is the easiest way for beginners.
  4. After you have used your squeegee on the window wipe your squeegee blade clean with a bit of Scrim this removes any excess dirt and water from your Window Squeegee.
  5. On large widows you may have to repeat the process. So start again, with the top of the squeegee overlapping your previous stroke by about 2-3 in. Pull the squeegee across the window at an angle to direct excess water down. Wipe and repeat if necessary.
  6. Using Window Scrim wipe up excess water along the bottom edge of the window. Then go around the window frame to remove any excess suds.   
To get a better understanding please have a look at this video. 

This way of window cleaning can be used both indoors or out 

Will you need to use a ladder when you wash your windows? 

Don’t you should consider using a Telescopic Pole a much safer option.  Once you have mastered the S technique this to can be used with a telescopic pole see video. 

by Tony Field
August 2017

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