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Window Cleaning Scrim per mtr

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What is Scrim I hear you say?

Window Cleaning Scrim is a fabric that has been woven in this case a heavy, coarse, reinforced woven material. It is a very robust cloth that should not tear and leave small bits of material around the window. 

Is there different types of Scrim?

Yes there is pre-washed and non washed along with different grades. 

What is Scrim used for? 

Window Cleaning Scrim is used for cleaning down of sills, fascia and frames. It is abrasive yet soft once it has been treated so as not to damage the window area.

Should I wash my Scrim before use? 

Always and forget about washing machines. The best way to wash Scrim is to put it in a pot and boil it for 10-15 minutes. No washing machine hits 100 degrees. 

Even Pre-Washed Window Cleaning Scrim?

Yes! Window cleaning scrim should always be washed before use even supposedly pre-washed scrim as they are often not washed long enough.

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