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Entrance Way Cleaning

Thursday 10th May 2018

Keeping up with entrance cleaning at any business premises can be a thankless task. However, it is absolutely critical to ensuring repeat customers and building customer confidence to help make a thriving business.

There is the normal in-and-out traffic to take account of, greasy food particles that end up on the floor, seasonal mayhem rain (all the time in Ireland), snow, slush and salt. Keeping your entrance-way inviting, clean and is hard enough, but the winter months can be a real nightmare. Not only can slips, falls etc. harm your customers, employees and suppliers your business could suffer seriously financial losses through claims. 

How do we Overcome some of the Challenges 

Keeping grouted tiles clean is possibly one of the biggest challenges. If you rely on traditional mop cleaning, you risk slips and falls, because the floors don't dry quick enough. Plus it just doesn’t keep the grout lines clean. When you mop, all the dirt builds up in the grout lines it often smears. If we don't use microfiber mops you can leave a dirty hazardous floor behind (Adding to insurance costs). Mops also need to be laundered regularly not just to keep odours down but to avoid spreading films of dirt to the floor surface. . 

Why Use Mats 

One of the key elements of keeping your entrance-way clean is placing mats just inside the door. This helps absorb the excess soils, dirt, moisture, and everything else that is can be dragged into your premises. Remember it's just as important to keep the mats clean as it is to keep the actual floors clean! Also ensure they are well fitted people can trip over loose or badly fitted mats.

Well What can be done

For me lots I believe you need to implement a system that is practical, flexible and that can be multifunctional for your business. To do this we have to sit back and starts with the basics are we cleaning for appearance? Is there health concerns? these questions and more have to be asked. When we have ascertained the size and type of flooring to be cleaned we need to consider if there is any special chemical requirements

Then its time to bring in the professionals, it’s only then that we can decide if our budget is sufficient to give us the best cost in use results. Whilst meeting the demands of our business, once this is established we can then decide if the investment in machinery will pay dividends long term.

So as you can see there really is plenty to think about. Why delay? Call us out today and we will solve your entrance way problem

 by Tony Field 
September 2016 

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