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5 Ways to downsize your cleaning effort

Monday 30th November -0001

5 Ways to Downsize Your Cleaning Effort

Cleanliness is next to godliness’ so goes the old adage. Yet, few people love to clean. The time and effort required to do this regularly is often too much. Instead, people prefer to go the easier route: Postpone the job. However, isn’t the end result too obvious? 

Come cleaning day and you get confronted with heaps of work that exhausts you long before the day starts!

How then can you make home cleaning both pleasant and much easier? Simply learn to downsize the cleaning work. How? Use simple suggestions that work. Where can you get these? Consider 5 practical suggestions from bestvacuumexpert. These easily come to your rescue for simple home cleaning.

The Grand Tips

1. Use Dishwasher

Ordinary dishwashers aren’t just good for dishes. You can use them to clean many other items like vent covers, toys and other stuff. Learn to avoid manual cleaning, whenever possible. Simply put such objects in dishwasher. You can reduce the effort needed to clean these items and the entire home by using such basic tips.

2. Clear House Prior

Before starting the task, simply remove some annoying items. These may be toys, clothing and a great variety of other home items that hamper your efforts and make the work tedious. And this should be done prior. So, just ensure the room is clear in advance. This helps you avoid needless bending and lifting when the job is on. Ultimately, it significantly reduces the effort and time needed to perform the cleaning task.

3. Divide Sessions

As noted, when it comes to cleaning, procrastination is your number One enemy. Avoid the temptation to do marathon cleaning, perhaps once a week. Instead, stagger the marathon. Remember, the tendency to postpone the job means more time will be needed to do it, and the load will be higher. Instead, approach the work task by task. You may as well divide the sessions in this manner:

• Session to clean windows and doors
• Dusting frames of pictures
• Working on kitchen appliances
• Sofa vacuuming.

By working such smaller sessions staggered throughout the week, you can greatly downsize the cleaning work, to your advantage.

4. Sweep At Night

Notably, many people prefer to clean early in the morning. Yet, imagine that you are facing the marathon so early. Many get exhausted long before they start! It can be tedious. Isn’t it much better, then, if you sweep the rooms the night before? How does this help? You get to arrange items in order. This drastically reduces the task to manageable levels. It also further saves time and effort.

5. Keep Items Dry

Certain home items need repeated washing and care. These include curtains and towels. How can you ensure the frequency of washing is scaled down? Simply maintain them dry. Remember that such stuff, when moist, provide the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Not only will you reduce the washing frequency by keeping these dry: you will find that you don’t need to replace them so often.

It is no secret that home maintenance can be a tedious task. Especially if you keep postponing it. Whether you use the best vacuum for hardwood floors in your cleaning sessions or prefer other ways, ensure you approach the job systematically. 

Apply the tips above to ensure you downsize your cleaning effort. 

In addition, regularly take stock of important items that you must keep. De –clutter the home, sell away what is surplus. Avoid needless duplication of items that hamper your cleaning efforts. In this way, ensure you actually downsize the effort needed to clean and maintain your home.

By Liz  Buckley

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