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Perlux Laundry Detergent Capsules for Black and Dark Clothes 24 Wash

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Perlux Super Compact Black are innovative, super-concentrated ready to use laundry washing detergent capsules for washing black and dark-coloured fabrics. Its combination of washing powder and gel in a hybrid technology guarantees you the best Laundry Detergent for Dark Clothes on the market. The laundry capsules are made up of two unique ingredients one is the laundry powder for cleaning black clothes. The other is the laundry gel with its Black Protection System to ensure long-lasting protection and a fade free wash of black clothing. This unique Laundry gel formula will protect your black clothes and fabrics from fading. 

Black Protection System advanced colour-protection formula which guarantees:
  • That your Black Clothes Stay Black and Don`t Fade. 
  • Reduced static cling in fabrics.
  • Long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.
How to use Perlux Capsules: