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Baby Fabric Softener - Perlux 1ltr

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Perlux Baby Fabric Softener
 is a highly concentrated fabric softener for use on infant clothing and clothes of people with sensitive and allergy prone skin. This new modern formulation of fabric softener guarantees maximum protection to fabric and clothing thus extending their life span. The new Hypoallergenic Care system ensures your clothing is completely protected and clean without irritation to your infants, babies and even those that would normally suffer an allergic reaction to laundry cleaning products. 

The product was dermatologically tested.

Perlux Baby Fabric Softener with Hypo-Allergenic care system offers the following benefits: 

This advanced formula is designed specifically with children delicate skin in mind. When using Perlux Baby fabric softener in conjunction with Perlux baby washing capsules. The subtle blend Hypo Allergenic care system means there is no allergens to worry about. The reduction in static cling in clothing is greatly reduced thanks to the Anti-Static ingredients.  

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