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Chlorine Tablets - Tub (200)

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Chlorine tablets 200 per tub each Tablet gives 1,000 ppm available chlorine per ltr of water, ideal for use washing salad, disinfecting high-risk hard surfaces, tiles, floors, walls. Food safe, Kills Legionella. Hot tub chlorine tablets and swimming pool chlorine tablets are very effective when it comes to controlling bacteria!

Chlorine Tablets are used extensively by butchers delicatessens and food producers as a cheap and effective way to clean, sanitise and sterilise any surface in there business.

Large Meat factories use Chlorine Tablets for sterilising knives and equipment. 

Chlorine tablets are effective at sterilising drinking water. 

In food factories used at the correct ppm Chlorine tablets can be used for washing lettuce and other food ingredients. 

They are also suitable for use in Hot Tubs, Paddling Pools, Spa pools and water treatment. It is important to remember when using hot tub chlorine tablets or swimming pool chlorine tablets they should be added to your skimmer or floating dispenser never directly into the water. They are very economical in use for the control of Bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

What is PPM and What does it mean?
   PPM is an abbreviation meaning "parts per million".  It is a form of measurement used for the amount of Chlorine found in Water. 

Do we need to measure the Chlorine?
     Yes, Chlorine is corrosive and poisonous to humans. 

So is it Safe to use Chlorine Tablets?
     Absolutely! Once the correct dosages are followed when sterilising water or food. 

What is a safe level of Chlorine in Water?
    In the October 1996 Drinking Water. Regulations and Health Advisories, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a maximum contaminant level of 4 ppm for chlorine. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a recommended measurement from any Irish state body (Irish Water, HSE, County Councils). If anyone can advise we will happily publish here.  

How Long Does It Take to Dissolve Chlorine Tablets? 
    When dissolved in cold water normally 15-20 mins although quicker in hot water. 

How many Chlorine tablets do I need to sterilise a 500 ltr Coffin/Water Tank?
    We would recommend using 1 Chlorine tablet per tank if you don't want to flush out. This gives a Chlorine content of just 2PPM Well inside any EPA guidelines. 

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