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Universal Spill Kit Bin 120ltr

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120 Litre Bin Spill Kit 

120L Spill Kit wheelie bin, this is a one stop package for a quick & effective response to large spills. With the contents of the spill kit conveniently stored in the 2 wheel bin, it makes provides a quick and extremely portable kit to bring to any spillage.

It also allows for a safe disposal of any contaminated pads, socks etc by disposing of them into the bin, leaving the effected area clear of any remains 

The 120L Spill Kit includes:
1 x Two wheeled bin
45 x absorbing Pads 29x48cm
5 x absorbent socks 3mx8cm 
3 x Disposal bags & ties
1 x Instruction Sheet 
1 x Kit Label - Diamond

For more alternatives to oil spills see our large bag of Enviro-sorb (ENVB),  It is re-usable and comes from a sustainable source and will do the job without the need for harsh chemicals.