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TESCHA is a concentrated German manufactured Hi-Foam Carpet Cleaning Detergent used for Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning that offers the following features: 
  1. Deep and Gentle cleaning without damaging fibers. 
  2. Built in Colour Restorer that will enhance the colour in Carpets, Upholstery, Rugs and Textiles in even the most tired of fabrics.
  3. Proguard Protection an excellent dirt repellent that protects against future Spills, Stains and Dirt protecting your Carpet, Upholstery and rugs. 
  4. Dirt Suspension thanks to the smart chemicals used dirt is suspended in the foam therefore leaving no dirt to be engrained back in the carpet after Cleaning

Dry foam carpet cleaning involves applying a Hi Foam carpet cleaning chemical and immediately vacuuming the foam. Hi foam (Dry Foam) carpet cleaning is not a 100% dry method since the Carpet Cleaning Foam is a mixture of 90% air and 10% liquid.

Hi-Foam (dry foam) Carpet Cleaning Machine cleaning consists of a pressure tank in which a solution of water and carpet shampoo is added. This is the ideal method for water sensitive carpets, needle felt, and other carpets whose structure inhibits sufficient water extraction. Hi Foam (Dry Foam) Carpet Cleaning should only be undertaken by carpet cleaning professionals. 

Tescha Hi Foam (Dry Foam) Carpet Cleaning Detergent when used in conjunction with a Carpet Bonnet Mop is an excellent way to clean expensive carpets. This method of carpet cleaning allows deep cleaning of your carpet or upholstery without damaging the fibres. It is important when Foam Cleaning a Carpet that the Carpet Bonnet you are using doesn’t become to wet as this can distort the carpets pile due to the additional abrasion created.

The Hi Foam method of carpet cleaning allows the dirt and grime to be suspended in the foam. The cleaning action is further enhanced by the oscillating carpet bonnet pad that attracts soiling. It is important when Foam Cleaning a carpet to rinse, the carpet bonnet regularly as it will simply move soil from one area to another.    

Tescha high foam (Dry Foam) Carpet Cleaning Chemical will encapsulate the anti-soiling effect of the built in carpet fabric protectors.  

Click here for MSDS Sheet! 

TESCHA is also available in 5ltr.

EAN: 4251114702472