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Bio Blocks for Urinals (24)

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Bio Blocks for Urinal deliver both biological and chemical cleaning agents as well as a blue colour each time the flush is activated.

The water-softening and sequestering agents maintain a clean urinal while the biological cleaning power works in the pipes to prevent any build-up of solids and continues working in small bore, pumped toilet systems and older buildings where drain-runs can be problematic.  

These Bio Blocks for Urinals are eco-friendly and ensure that your washroom does not contain unpleasant smells. To activate these Bio Blocks for Urinals liquid needs to be passed over it, this can be done by urinating or pouring fresh water over it. This allows the eco-friendly enzymes in the Bio block to help break down offensive bacteria that is present in the urinals, whilst at the same time releasing a pleasant fragrance into the toilet. These Bio Blocks for Urinals help to assist nature by accelerating the breakdown of fats, oils, greases, uric acid, limescale and any organic matter.

Benefits of our Bio Blocks for Urinals:

  • Long lasting protection;
  • Helps prevent limescale;
  • Contains germicide
  • Safe in septic tank.
  • Pleasant smell

Size: 24x50g

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