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Cartridge Soap Dispenser | Cartridge Sanitizer Dispenser

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Our cartridge soap foam dispenser is designed to be wall mounted. It is manufactured from ABS plastic and is designed to dispense our hand soaps and hand sanitisers. Only Wipeouts tamper proof cartridges can be used in the foam soap dispenser ensuring the highest possible hygiene standards at all times. 

The soaps and sanitiser cartridges have a capacity of 1ltr and will dispense up to 2000 times before they have to be changed. Giving you the most economical foam soap on the market.

The foam soap dispenser can be refilled using our cartridge foam soap. 

Once the foam cartridge soap dispenser has been fitted to the wall it provides any business an easy and economical way of ensuring that your staff or customers have access to hand hygiene. It is an easy to use soap dispenser that foams up the soap when the button is pressed. That releases a small amount of liquid hand soap from the dispenser then foams ready to use once pressed. 

The large push button on the foam soap dispenser enables use by elbows avoiding contact in food businesses.  

The foam cartridge soap dispensers are easily refillable making them suitable for the busiest of washrooms. 

Our foam soap dispensers come fitted with a locking mechanism that can only be opened using a key, this stops pilferage or cross contamination of soap. 

If you would like to know more about raising standards in Hand Hygiene please read our Blog

Key Features: 

  • Wall mounted for better hygiene.
  • Controlled Dispensing. 
  • Foaming Action to reduce waste. 
  • 2000 Dispenses per cartridge.       
  • Lockable Dispenser.
  • Suitable for all washrooms
  • ABS plastic to protect against vandalism
  • Easy to clean.
  • Matching Toilet roll and Paper Towel Dispensers Available. 
  • Lifetime Usage. 

Note all our soap dispensers come with plugs and screws for simple fitting along with keys for the locks. The box for the soap dispenser gives you a template for drilling if needed. Should you require Wipeout to fit the foam soap dispenser there would be an additional charge.