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Parchment Paper is robust and easy to use and is designed for use in household, commercial kitchens, take-aways and restaurants etc. its grease- and moisture- resistant features makes it ideal for oven use. Parchment paper can be use to line cake molds and baking sheets, as decorating/icing cone or to wrap or other dishes that are cooked en papillote.

The versatility of baking parchment:

  • In conventional ovens:
    Baking paper can be used for all confectionary up to 230oC / 450oF. Even sticky mixes, such as meringues and brandy snaps come away cleanly. An ideal liner for pudding basins; collar souffle dishes.
  • Microwaves:
    Parchment paper an be used for most of the conventional oven applications as well as for direct contact when covering containers used in cooking. Baking paper provides the perfect way of baking fish en papillote.
  • Other applications:
    When decoration, use parchment paper for icing cones and as a base for run-outs. Baking paper will prevent parcels from sticking together when used as inter-leaver in the freezer. 
There is no need to grease the tin or the paper, use either side. 
Parchment paper is suitable for all foodstuffs except pure fats and oils or foods preserved in an oily medium.

Dimension: 450mm wide x 50m (approx)