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Odouriser Cherry 100ml

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Odourex Cherry comes in a handy-sized 100ml bottle, 

Ideal for glovebox , door bin storage, handbag, sportsbag, 

Keep it handy to mist a freshly picked cherry scent under the seats, into your gym bag, in the loo, whenever you get the urge. A couple of squirts will keep your car/bag/room smelling fresh for a few days. 

I0ml bottle for about 20-30 applications… potentially months of aromatic bliss. There’s enough in this 100ml bottle for about 20-30 applications… potentially months of aromatic bliss. 

Odourex Cherry is non-toxic, environmentally safe complex blend of essential oils and pure fragrances. It eliminates unpleasant smells by rendering the offending molecules neutral.

Odourex is a highly effective & quick acting odour neutraliser spray & deodoriser.
Odourex eliminates and neutralises even the most stubborn & offensive odours.
Odourex is efffective on vomit, tobacco smoke, perspiration & rancid food.
Odourex will neutralise odours on hard surfaces, carpets, fabrics & textiles. 

Odourex has neutral pH and cosmetic grade ingredients, is non-flammable, biodegradable and is classified as non hazardous for usage and transportation.
Odourex can be use in: toilets, toilets bowls, sinks, urinals, sanitary bins, garbage rooms, exterior of food factories, refuse bins, vehicles, kennels, sewerage treatment plants, drains, interior of vehicles, waste compactors, skip areas, etc. 
Odourex is a suitable odour neutraliser for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, factories or indeed any public area where problem odours are a problem.
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