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Hardwood Floor Wax (Hartwachs) 5ltr

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HARTWACHS Hardwood Floor Wax is a Hard Liquid Wax that offers a long-lasting shine and protection to wooden floors. It’s much more than a floor wax, it deep-cleans by lifting away dirt and heel marks, leaving wooden floors with a rich, luxurious finish without buffing.

This Hardwood Floor Wax is based on first-class polymers, waxes and inodorous solvents. That clean, care and protect your wooden floor, leaving them Anti-Slip, Polishable, Hardwearing. It removes dirt and heel marks easily whilst filling scrapes and scratch without effort to bring your timber floor even. This product is appropriate for spraying by professionals.

Usage and dosing:
For cleaning and care of water absorbent floors like wood, cork, parquet, etc.
• Apply purely and evenly to a clean dry surface allow  to dry then buff to enhance lustre of Polish. On very coarse or highly absorbent floors it maybe necessary to repeat the application. For cleaning and polishing in one application spray neat  using a Floor Polishing Machine with soft pad.

This old-fashioned hard floor wax can be used for unvarnished hardwood floors, true linoleum, unfinished cork, and concrete.
For best results apply by hand for a long-lasting shine as Instructed below. 
  • Dampen a soft lint-free cotton cloth to avoid the cloth from absorbing too much wax.
  •  Apply the floor wax lightly and evenly gently working it into the surface to be waxed. If you have a preference for soft floor wax, try our Creme Lorito.  Once the waxed surface dries and becomes cloudy. It can be Buffed to a shine using a clean towel or floor polisher. 

Shake well before using.

EAN: 4251114701154