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Grout Brush Vshape Head Each

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 Grout Brush V-shape Head!

Presenting the Grout Scrub, your go-to solution for combatting tenacious grime in tile grouting. Meticulously crafted with a focus on precision and durability, this scrubber features very stiff Polyester bristles trimmed to a V-shaped point, ensuring efficient cleaning in challenging spots. The universal swivel connector, offered in white Polypropylene, enables the brush to effortlessly trace the contours of grout lines, delivering a seamless and comprehensive cleaning experience. For peak performance, combine it with our recommended handle. Rely on this specialized grout scrub to enhance your tile maintenance routine and uphold the pristine appearance of your surface.
Offered in vibrant Green, Red and Yellow hues, contact our office at  (01) 451 6666  to place your order for brushes in these colours.