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Graffiti Remover 5ltr

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Our Graffiti Remover 5ltr has a less harmful formulation which is specifically for the easy removal of most felt-tip pen and ink-based graffiti on plastic and laminated surfaces without causing grazing or damage to the surface. Can also be used on  metal, plastics, laminate and paintwork. Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Spray onto the surface and leave to agitate for a maximum of 30 seconds then wipe away. Repeat if contamination remains or if graffiti is heavily coated. For best results, make sure the surface is dry. 

How to use: 

Using a hard brush, scourer, (doodlebug) roller, a spray bottle or a painting brush, apply Graffiti Remover to the affected area. Ensure the area to be treated is dry. The product will start working within a matter of seconds but it will require at least 10 minutes of direct contact with the surface to fully dissolve it. Apply the Graffiti Remover and agitate aggressively with a brush/scourer and scrub thoroughly. Rinse off with plenty of clean water.
The initial result will depend on how thick the layer of graffiti is and how many layers of it were done. After the first application, most of the graffiti residue will be removed & with a couple more treatments, all of it should disappear. The porosity of the base surface will be a factor in how easily the graffiti can be removed. When a graffiti coat is applied to a brick wall it is likely to penetrate very deep while when a graffiti coat is applied to a polished natural stone, it will glaze the surface without being able to penetrate. 

Apply the graffiti remover to the affected area and wait for at least 10 minutes
Using a semi hard brush scrub the treated area to create scratches on the top coat
Rinse off or power wash if a pressure washing system is available
Assess the results and do one more similar treatment if required

Recommended related products.  
If you are tackling a large graffiti area we recommend that you order a small spray bottle and try it out. Some of the new spray paints are permanent and nothing will remove them. 
Please use protective gloves at all times when using this product. 
A stiff deck brush is very good for scrubbing the graffiti remover into the surface to be cleaned. 
A Doodlebug is a brilliant tool for this job as the scourer scrubs with ease, it can also come with a telescopic handle for higher or harder to reach areas and we would recommend the black pad for concrete or brickwork. 
Click on the Yellow Links for the products required. 

Do not mix up a number of graffiti removers to avoid reactions and use hand protection at all times. 
Our graffiti remover is manufactured in Ireland.