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Did you know Flat mops are greener? 
Well the truth is they flat mops use less chemicals, less water and are lighter meaning less injuries to cleaners. Flat mops last longer than Kentucky mops (more sustainable for the environment). Flat mops come with colour coded tabs encouraging the reduction in cross-contamination. 

This particular flat mop is made of pure natural cotton and can be boil washed to sterilise if need be. Most traditional mops are made by bleaching the cotton and using polyester which encourages shrinking. 

This 100% cotton mop provided washed according to the manufacturers instructions survive 300-500 washs. Traditional mops only wash 14-30 times not great value! Think of the additional wash cycles destroying the environment. 

Flat mops offer superior cleanliness and are a must where cross-contamination is a concern in Hospitals, Creches etc. 

If you use your flat mop for damp mopping it is 50% faster than traditional mopping and your floor will dry to a streak free finish in less than 4 minutes. This not only saves serious time and money but by flat mopping you reduce the risk of accidents from wet floors.  

Flat Mops economical, light weight, domestic cleaning mops for daily cleaning needs. They remove dust without leaving a single particle or scratch. They are machine washable and reusable.

This mop is to be used with Magnetic Flat Mop Holder 40cm Pocket, Eco Flat Mop Holder Pocket 40cm or the Flat Mop Holder Pocket 40cm.