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Dry-Up (Spill Pads) 5x10 pads

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Dry-up is high absorbing disposable cloth for any liquid spillage, ideal to be used in healthcare facilities, home cares, restaurants, creches, bars, schools, workshops etc.

 In 30 to 150 seconds the cloth soak up up to 1000ml* of spillage thanks to its high absorbing polymers.
*The absorbing time and capacity depends of the type of liquid. 

Dry-Up disposable cloth absorbs water, drinks, chlorine bleach, oil, urine, blood, etc.

Dry-up disposable cloth takes liquid in, bonded it safe in the cloth and transform into gel. Without dropping or trickling, avoiding cross contamination it can be easily and safe disposed (complied with safe and healthy procedures if apply).

Single cloth size: 45x33 cm

Also available 1x10 pads