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Doodle Bug Jointed Kit

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The doodle bug scrubbing kit comes with one pad holder, one aluminum handle and two scrubbing pads, a green scrubbing pad ideal for taking off medium to hard dirt and really getting a good clean and a white scrubbing pad
Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, the white cleansing pad buffs glass, ceramic-tile walls, floors, and swimming pools. It can be used dry or with water and detergents.
The doodle bug kit is excellent for when you need to give difficult surfaces, such as safety flooring, a good and thorough clean. As well as that, the size of the pad holder is perfect for getting into hard to reach areas, such as skirting and flooring near skirting where mops may not penetrate the floor and dirt properly. Also great for walls, inside trucks and vans that may not have as much room to manoeuvre, also stairs, under fixtures and fittings, anywhere really! This versatile tool will be a god sent addition to your cleaning tool kit.

Features & Benefits

- Hundreds of tiny hooks on the base of these holders secure the utility pad firmly in place.
- The pad simply peels away from the holder for reversing or replacing and for washing.
- Rust-free plastic construction, that is recyclable at end of life making it very eco-friendly.
- Cleans anywhere, but especially great on tiles and flooring!
- Heavy-duty construction with swivel head for easy manoeuvrability.
- Made from second life plastic and totally recyclable at end of life making it very eco-friendly. 

We recommend using with our Universal Cleaner Alkoclean (W143).