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Air freshener jasmine 12x250ml

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Air freshener jasmine 12x250ml

This Air Freshener Refill contains 250ml of jasmine fragrance. 

Jasmine air fresheners are a popular choice for adding a pleasant and floral scent to indoor spaces. Jasmine is known for its sweet and exotic fragrance, which many people find calming and refreshing. Jasmine-scented air freshener sprays are easy to use and provide an instant burst of fragrance when sprayed into the air. 

They are commonly used in restrooms, bedrooms, living areas, offices 

They last for up to sixty days. 
This refill is placed inside an automatic air freshener unit and releases the jasmine fragrance with an automatic timed release.

Product Dimensions: 15cm x 7cm dia
Packaged Weight: 0.204kg
Capacity: 250ml
Available Fragrance: Berries and Orchid