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Centrefeed Blue 2ply Eco Recycled Rolls pk6

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Centrefeed Blue 2ply Eco Recycled Rolls pk6

Our Wipeout Blue 2ply Centre Feed Roll are Eco-Friendly - Made from Recycled Paper and FSC approved (see meaning of this by Clicking on FSC) 

  • 6 Rolls Per Case
  • 2 Ply Sheets
  • 3,570grm per case
These centre feed rolls are ideal as a general tissue wipe. Paper can be taken from the outside of the rolls or from the centre by removing the cardboard core and pulling. 

The cardboard core centre has a perforated spiral for easy removal. Once removed the paper pulls out from the centre in a tube format. The paper can be then teared off as required by a sharp tug action against the dispensers (SBF166W) serrated edge. Using a dispenser helps with making the roll last longer as each sheet is perforated for ease of use and dispensed individually therefore encouraging user to use less sheets.  

This product will fit most Centrefeed dispensers. We recommend our wall mountable Centrefeed Dispenser – SBF166W

As part of the Wipeout Paperware range, our Centrefeed Rolls are of exceptional quality industrial cleaning paper.  Food grade certified so they are approved for use in food preparation areas.  High absorption capacity with improved durability.  Wipeout Centrefeed rolls are Laminated Embossed providing a softer but stronger sheet.  Perforated for ease of use.

They can also be used via the perforations straight from the outside of the roll.

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