Bio Ball

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A biological block that contains billions of friendly bacteria, which include several different enzymes. Is activated when small amount of liquid is passed over it, this can either be water or urine.

The BioBall is activated on a small amount of liquid, this allows the user to reduce urinal flushing to just 1 - 4 janitorial flushes once a day to clear the drains of any debris build up. The water and sewage savings is significant to the user as well as bringing down their CO2 emissions. 

BioBall has integrated innovative design with the science of enzymes. The Bio Ball provides a cost effective solution to ongoing problems of urinal maintenance while dramatically reducing water wastage and enhance the washroom environment.

The BioBall cage encases the powerful biological enzyme block which can be elevated above the flushing waterline with or without the use of an integrated pedestal ‘lollipop stick. The BioBall cage system ensures a sludge free solution for urinal maintenance. Bio Ball will not dye the urinal or end up being a sludgy mess at the bottom of the drains after a few weeks use.