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WAX REMOVER : Concentrated cleaning agent based on solvents for removing soiling like oils, waxes, heel marks, bitumen, resin, etc. on solvent resistant surfaces – wood, cork, parquet and terracotta.

Use and dosing: 
For removing grease, waxes, etc. on water sensitive but solvent resistant floorings.Applying neat and evenly at an adequate aeration allow a short reaction time and treat manually or with a machine then absorb residues and let dry.
For Spray Cleaning:
Apply neat and evenly on dry floors, let dry then polish. On coarse or absorbent floorings, repeat application. For polishing, spray neat then clean and polish in one step with a buffer using a soft pad.

Useful tip:
Ensure surface is clean and dry before applying Wax Remover for best results apply neat using buffer making sure room is well ventilated. 

Click here for MSDS Sheet! (de vesion only)

WAX REMOVER is also available in 1ltr

EAN: 4251114706029