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Spot Remover is a quick, easy and safe to use Solvent based Stain Remover ideal for removal of spots from Carpet, Upholstery, Textiles and Fabrics . It will effectively and safely remove stains of Grease, Oil, Wax, Paint, Tar or Cream etc. from all fabrics quickly and easily.

Stain removal from Carpet or Fabric Stains should be removed as soon as possible preferably before they dry into the carpet fibres. Spot cleaner will effectively and safely remove carpet stains of Grease, Oil, Wax, Paint, Tar, Cream etc. If the carpet stain is still wet they tend to come out with much less time and effort.

When handling Carpet Stain Removals never wipe carpet spills or stains you will simply be spreading the carpet or upholstery stain over a larger area of the carpet. This can also cause smudging driving the carpet stain deeper into the fabric of the carpet.

Always blot carpet stains or spillages first. This encourages the dirt in the carpet stain to transfer to the cloth instead of other parts of the carpet or upholstery. Avoid using paper towels to absorb the carpet. It is best to use a Sponge or Microfiber Cloth to handle the carpet stain they won't dissolve or break down in the carpet fibres after contact with water making stain removal more difficult.

With dried in carpet stains sometimes more than one application is required for stain removal.

Stain removers and cleaning solutions sometimes emit fumes. Ensure that you open windows when cleaning. This is important if a person in the residence has respiratory issues like asthma. 

As with all Stain Removers it is recommended to try an indiscreet patch first with your Carpet Stain Remover of choice

Spot Remover is manufactured in Germany.

For extensive soiling try our Stain Remover 

Where the problem is Chewing Gum try our KKF 260 Chewing Gum Remover.

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