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Industrial Hand Cleaner Orange - Americol (6x2ltr)

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Our Industrial Hand Cleaner Orange offers optimal protection, cleaning and care to hands in all commercial environments. 

Industrial Hand Cleaner Orange is professional hand cleaner for removing traditional workshop pollution such as grease and lubricants. Solvent-free formula.Extremely suitable as universal hand cleaner for automotive, production industry, construction and marine industry. 

It cleans and moisturizes the hands and prevents skin irritation. It also has Aloe Vera extracts and Jojoba Oil for optimum skin.

Steps to follow when using Industrial Hand Cleaner Orange
  1. Apply a small amount of our barrier cream to clean dry hands, work in well to get total protection on the hands.
  2. When you are finished work wet your hands with clean running (warm or cold) water, turn off the tap and apply orange hand cleaner, scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Rinse your hands well under clean running water.
  3. When the hands are dry then apply After work hand cream

Skincare in commercial and professional environments requires not only premium quality creme, lotions, and soaps, but optimal hygiene and efficiency is also of importance.

The dispensers systems are suitable for all Skincare products and have a compact and user-friendly design. When emptied, the cartridges are completely collapsible, thus minimizing waste. Each cartridge comes with a pre-mounted ready-to-use pump, ensuring optimal hygiene at all times.

The amount of product in the cartridge is directly visible through the clear window in the dispenser system, preventing unexpected empty cartridges.

  • Simple to assemble –ready to use.
  • User-friendly, robust and compact design 
  • Sealed cartridges with the pre-mounted pump for optimal hygiene 
  • A sustainable concept with collapsible cartridges 
  • Visible contents through a window in a dispensing system 
  • Lockable dispenser cabinets 
  • Economical in use 

  • Industrial Hand Cleaner Orange Easily removes: 

    • Brake Fluids
    • Grease (Mineral - Petroleum Base)
    • Lubricants
    • Oil (Mineral - Crude)