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ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER 750ml1In Stock3.66 ex VAT

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€5.01 inc VAT

DE-ICER 750ml1In Stock4.07 ex VAT

€5.01 inc VAT

SQUEAKY CLEAN MICROFIBRE CLOTH single pack2Out of stock.0.81 ex VAT

€1.00 inc VAT

TRAFFIC FILM REMOVER 5ltr1In Stock13.60 ex VAT

€16.73 inc VAT

Automotive special offer include:

  • Traffic Film Remover 5ltr
    A concentrated alkaline liquid detergent formulated for use in pressure washers, it removes road film, and other grime, hi foaming allowing greater contact time on vertical surfaces. Suitable for cleaning tractors, trucks, farm machinery, trailers, walls, barns, farmyards, and cars.  
  • De-Icer 750ml 

    Use quick acting De-Icer!  Don't get caught out this winter keep this in your car at all times for quick and easy de-icing. No need to stand and scrape ice off your windscreen, simply spray the de-icer wait then go. Remember it is better to use De-icer than causing damage to your windscreen by scraping. Better to use De-icer instead of risking a cracked windscreen using boiling water. 

  • Dashboard Cleaner 750ml 
    Formulated to give a fast "Clean & Shine" in one operation. Its formula removes light contaminants such as nicotine and fingerprints with ease. Suitable for use on paintwork, plastic and sealed wooden surfaces.
  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner 750ml 
    A quick & easy to use spray, which is suitable for most wheels & trims & ideal for removing unsightly brake dust, restoring the overall appearance of your car.
  • 2 Squeaky Clean Microfibre Cloth
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is ideal for cleaning mirrors, glass for streak free shinny finish as well as greasy surfaces, cookers or stainless steel.  The Cloth can be use wet or dry for all purpose cleaning.