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Blue Bamboo Microfiber Cloth - Packet of 10

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Bamboo Microfiber Cloth (Blue) is the best Microfiber cloth ever made. It is manufactured from 50% bamboo and 50% microfiber. This extremely heavy woven microfiber cloth is ideal for buffing up and polishing of Stainless Steel, Glass, Mirrors, Tiles and any polished surface. The Bamboo Microfiber does not require the need for detergents. Machine washable up to 500 times. The great thing about microfiber cloths is that they avoid the need for expensive detergents and they get things looking far cleaner in a lot less time and a lot less effort. 

Product Details and Spec for Blue Bamboo Microfiber Cloths:
  • Cloth Size: 40x40cm
  • Quantity: 10 Blue Bamboo Microfiber Cloths per Pack. 
  • Material: Microfiber 50% and Bamboo 50% 
  • Weight: 600 GSM
  • EAN: 5391532650005
  • Also available in Red
These are the best microfiber cloths on the market, brilliant for spillages where you need quick absorption. Bamboo microfiber cloths are ideal for use when used with in a two part cleaning programme. The Red Microfiber cloth is used for the heavy duty cleaning as red is a warning sign of danger. Then the blue microfiber is used for buffing and polishing to give you a beautiful streak free finish without using chemicals.

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