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The Enviro-Zorb Twist N Go Wall Pack is a quick and easy to use, modern dispensing unit for the emergency recovery of spillages everywhere. Offering an all in one system for storage, distribution and recovery of Enviro-Zorb oil spill absorbent. The Twist N Go Wall Pack provides all the tools you need for efficient and fast recovery of spillages on the job, and is particularly economic due its unique twisting dispensing system.

Enviro-Zorb oil spill absorbent is the fastest oil absorbent on the market that leaves no residual film of grease behind. This makes your floor completely slip resistant. Enviro-zorb absorbs between 8 to 20 times more than conventional absorbent materials, giving immediate absorption, and leaving no oily residue, leaving safe and dry floors in one application. 

Enviro-zorb oil spill absorbent is made from a natural cotton based fibre, that helps capture hydrocarbons in all petroleum based products, preventing seepage into the water table.

It saves money by stopping waste. When compared to normal absorbents it lets you have control in the management of your absorbents, where you use 100% of the product thanks to the design (See our demonstration video below). 

25 Litres of Enviro-zorb will last between 8 and 20 times longer than conventional absorbent. That means it will absorb between 200 to 500 Litres of liquid! It is re-usable and comes from a sustainable source and will do the job without the need for harsh chemicals.