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Disposable Microfibre White cloth is designed for use with the Unilav (velcro) system. It is suitable for use when wet dusting medium/low dirty floors. It is recommended for the wet mopping / disinfection of internal floors (clean rooms level 10.000, infection wards, x-ray wards, pharmaceutical plants and small areas).

This disposable cloth can be used in cleanrooms class level 10.000 (according to the Federal Standard 209 E - This class level allows a maximun quantity of airborne particles not higher than 10.000 each ft with a diameter > 5 micron, corresponding to 353.000 per cubic meter ISO 7 - NORMA ISO 14644-1). 

Thanks to its unique structure, the microfiber absorbs more dirt and bacteria than traditional mops. This is due to its yarn capillarity and as a result it covers a wider cleaning area. It cleans much quicker and with the minimum of effort, especially when compared to traditional mops. 

Microfiber traps and absorbs even the finest particle of dirt leaving a clean surface, without smearing and scratches. It guarantees excellent cleaning results thanks to its very thin fibers which can penetrate all micro pores on all surfaces. It removes up to 99,98% of bacteria and fungi.

Thanks to a particular twisting process, this twisted yarn keeps its shape even after as many as 500 washing cycles with low linting.