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The Bio Ball is a biological block containing billions of friendly bacteria, enzymes, surfactants and detergent. That is used to keep the pipe work in urinals clean and remove offensive odours in the urinals. To activate the Bio Ball liquid needs to be passed over it, this can be done by urinating or pouring fresh water over it. This activation allows the enzymes in the Bio Ball to be carried into the drain to help break down offensive bacteria, whilst at the same time releasing a pleasant fragrance into the toilet. The Bio Ball enzymes help to assist nature by accelerating the breakdown of fats, oils, greases, uric acid, limescale and any organic matter. This cleaning process of the enzymes in the Bio Ball now allows the Bio Balls surfactants to coat inside the drains assuring no further build up of waste.

To get the full savings from the Bio Ball Block you need to reduce the urinal flush’s to 3-4 times a day to stop any debris build-up in pipes. You will not only bring down CO2 emissions but will have substantial savings on water and sewerage charges. (See Cost Savings further down)

Water Charges have always been a significant cost factor for businesses but are often over looked in the toilet area. People are often sceptical that their hygiene standards will drop by reducing the water flushes. But with Bio Ball Blocks for Urinals, this is not a problem the Bio Balls will not only eliminate smells, uric acid build-up and other problems they give you an Eco Friendly and sustainable way to tackle washroom problems. By cleaning your urinals drains the Bio Ball urinal block seriously reduces toilet maintenance costs and still allows your company to deliver on environmental issues, something we all need to consider.

In a nutshell, the Bio Ball not only saves you money but reduces on going maintenance problems, reduces water wastage, protects the environment and improves your toilets cleanliness.  Just remember when fitting the Bio Ball Block it is best mounted above the waterline you may sometimes have to use the elevated pedestal for this.  (More Details Below) By encompassing the Bio Ball Block in a cage system it means less slurry build up and easier maintenance for the urinal. We also don’t use any nasty dyes that will stain your urinal nor do you end up with a mess of sludge in your drains after a couple of weeks using the Bio Ball Block.

Bio Balls unique biological formula is what creates an anaerobic reaction in your urinal that gently clears all build ups of organic matter that cause blockages without damaging the environment. This Anaerobic reaction in Bio Ball is caused by the elements of Protease (enzyme that breaks down proteins proteolysis) Lipases (a digestive enzyme) and Urease (Enzyme that assists in the hydrolysis of urea. These enzymes in the Bio Ball Block Protease, Lipase and Urease speed up natures good work in effect you are putting a few more of the good guys into the system.

The Bio Ball block is the most simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to eradicate the problem area of Urinals in your toilets. The main problem areas in toilets or as the Americans would say washrooms is as below:

  • Excess water in Urinals is a breeding ground for bacteria 
  • This bacterial growth from the proteins (solid matter) in Urine causes excessive scale build-up in pipes leading to blockages and corrosion. 
  • It is this same Bacteria that when combined with urine, results in the putrid smell that you get from urinals when you enter the men’s toilets. 

With Bio Ball Urinal Blocks you now have a solution to those unpleasant problems. The Bio Ball can be fitted by anyone simply follow these 6 steps below:

  1. Deep Clean the Urinal Bowl with Sancitro
  2. Now place insert your Bio Ball into the Urinal bowl. This can be done with the insert or holster depending which type of urinal you have. The Bio Ball fits 99% of all urinal systems. 
  3. Turn off or reduce the flushing levels of your water.
  4. Then set in place a water management system such as the ES50. 
  5. Once installed never use chemicals or bleach again. 
  6. Then once the Bio Ball Urinal Block dissolves just replace it 

Once the Bio Ball Urinal Block enters the system it starts working it will start reducing your costs and improving your toilets in an Eco-Friendly manner immediately.

To maximise savings and water costs it is imperative to install a water management system.

From a cleaning point of view, we would recommend the use of an enzyme based urinal bowl cleaner. This ensures that no other cleaning agents are used and compliments the powerful cleaning action of the Bio Ball Urinal Block.

How Bio Ball Urinal Block Works

There is no expensive fitting or installation cost involved with Bio Ball which leads to no inconvenience or disruption to washroom services to your customers.

Your Bio Ball Urinal Block is essentially made up of two components.

The First one being the actual 40g enzyme block that contains billions of the friendly bacteria we need to clean and break up all the bad bacteria we don’t want.

The second is the Bio-Degradable cage which holds the enzyme block. This cage can be put in the Urinal free-standing (Not Recommended) or elevated above the water line with the integrated pedestal or with the Bio Ball Holster. Using these ensures there is no sludgy gunk left lying in the Urinals drains after a few weeks.

This allows the Bio Ball to optimise the biological elements of Lipase, Protease and Urease to create an anaerobic reaction within the urinal. This allows anaerobic reaction is what clears away all the sludge, gunk and nasty substances that can cause blockages. This same reaction will disperse uric salts from urine, break up and reduce limescale and de-scales pipes whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance.

The Key Benefits of Bio Ball

Water savings
As the Bio Ball doesn’t require regular flushing, water consumption is reduced by some 90%. Bio Ball Blocks need the bare minimum of water to be activated therefore you can reduce the amount of water consumed by turning your water system right down, or by adding a water management system to ensure the maximum amount of cost savings. It is easy to achieve savings of 175,000 litres of water per urinal per year. This fact is based on 1 flushes per hour and one flush equalling 10 litres. Multiply this across your business and see what water and sewage savings can be achieved with the Bio Ball. 

per day 
per year 
water usage
Total Chargeable 
m3 of water 
Sout Dublin
Charge €1.99/m
 96 35.040 10 350.400 350.40 €697.30
 4 1.460 10 14.600 14.6€29.05
 2 730 10 7.300 7.3 €14.53

Urinal maintenance reduced
Pipe work blockages caused by excess build up of limescale and uric salt within the washroom are eliminated with Bio Ball. Uric scale and ammonic salts formation are also eliminated as the unique and powerful Bio Ball biological enzyme naturally disrupts the processes that cause scale build-up within your urinal pipe work. With Bio Ball in the washroom, the result is simple: clean and clear pipe-work.
Co2 Reduction
By saving water we save Co2. Every cubic metre of water saved, means savings 0.4kg of Co2 increasing your Green Credentials. 
By reducing the amount of flushing water into a urinal you can save around 70kg of Co2 a year, just think how much you are helping the Environment.
Destroys offensive odours
There is no masking the problem with Bio Ball… it eliminates the problem, fixing the issue for good and leaving a fresh minty fragrance throughout the toilet. 
No nasty chemicals
As no nasty or hazardous chemicals are used by Bio Ball no COSHH is required. Meaning Bio Ball is safe to use and cleaning staff will find the daily cleaning process much faster and simpler.
No big capital equipment investment or outlay
Bio Ball can be implemented immediately and requires no modifications to urinals or troughs. Simply install one Bio Ball per urinal and it gets to work immediately.