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Bay West Wave 'n Dry ® offers touch-free dispensing. Operated by simply waving the hand in front of the sensor activates the automatic dispensing of a pre-measured amount of paper toweling straight to the user. This valet like dispensing means that the user touches nothing except their personally dispensed towel. This limited contact with anything other than the drying agent reduces the risk of cross contamination and contact with, what could be potentially harmful bacteria. BayWest Wave 'n Dry ® saves up to 40% on wastage, over-use, abuse and pilferage.

Simple to use automatic hands free paper towels in one motion completely touch free paper towel dispensing. 

Administration fee of €1 is fully refundable on signing of loan agreement. For details please contact us. All orders are subject to approval. Click here to download The Loan Agreement

Towels to be used with this dispenser: EcoSoft Hand Towel White,  EcoSoft Blue Hand Towel or Hand Towel Roll.

Also available in BlueGreenRed and White.